Established in 1906, Russian National Research Medical University, formerly known as Russian State Medical Univer-sity (RSMU) has around a hundred years of academic excellence and several decades of experience in the training of foreign students. Over this period, it has been acclaimed as one of the prestigious medical universities of Russia.

The Pediatric Faculty which was established in 1930 is the first of its kind in the world. RSMU established its Bio-Medical Faculty in 1963 and has contributed significantly to the development of molecular biology.

The Post Graduate Training Faculty was founded in 1971 to train graduates of the university in various special branches of medicine.

The preparatory course is aimed to enrich the the knowledge of the students in Russian language. For one academic  year, students are taught subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Russian language. After their successful Completion of the course, students may begin their 1st year of Medicine in English.
• Preparatory Course (1 Year)
• Medicine (English/Russian Medium)
• Post Graduate Courses
 Fully equipped library Fully equipped classrooms
Advance practical classes State-of-the-art laboratories
Students township called “Medik”, comprises  four apartment type buildings for accommodation within the vicinity of the campus. Highly skilled and experienced lecturers


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