Bogor Agriculture University

(recognized by JPA):
• Faculty of Veterinary Science
• Faculty of Forestry
• Faculty of Husbandry
• Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Veterinary Science
Veterinary Medicine is one of the eight faculties in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) which is the oldest institution that conducts veterinary medicine education and pioneered since 1861 in Indonesia and the first school of veterinary medicine was established in 1907 in Bogor.

Educational Program

Veterinary Medicine education at FVM IPB consists of:
Education program for Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine (SKH), which is an S1 program with 150 semester credit points. Graduates from this program can directly apply for a position at work or continue their education through: (1) Education program for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (PPDH) which consist of 40 semester credit points or (2) Post Graduate Program (Reproductive Biology (BRP), Parasitology& Medical Entomology (PEK), Medical Microbiology (MKM), Veterinary Public Health (KMV), Anatomy and Physiology).
“Teaching Animal Hospital” which is the prominent animal hospital in South East Asia equipped with the state-of-the-art and complete facilities.
Reproductive Rehabilitation Unit (URR), Vaccine & Biology Material Production Unit, Animal Laboratory Unit, Meat Assurance Unit & Integrated Laboratory Unit.
International Students Hostel.